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Seagull Dataset

Maintained by Ricardo Ribeiro (ribeiro at isr dot tecnico dot ulisboa dot pt).

The Seagull dataset is a multi-camera multi-spectrum image sequences dataset for research on sea monitoring and surveillance. The image sequences are recorded from the point of view of a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying above the sea and over boats, life rafts, or other objects floating in it. Several different types of cameras are used covering the visible, near infra-red and infra-red ranges. Also, an hiperspectral camera covering the visible range but with a much detailed  frequency resolution is used and, only for this case, some fish oil spills (simulating pollutants in the sea) are captured in the image sequences.

Access to the Seagull dataset is available upon request.

This dataset contains original imagery that was acquired for the Seagull project.


Examples of images from the database (visible spectrum):

Examples of images (Infra-Red):

Examples of images (Near Infra-Red):