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RBCog-Lab Proposal



International iCub Consortium

The international consortium is targeting the next ESFRI call. This is an opportunity for  the Portuguese research teams to remain engaged in the international structures. The scientific goals proposed by IST are fully aligned with the future developments of the iCub platform and research community as proved by the support letter from the lead iCub Consortium partner Giorgio Metta

National institutional network (RBCog-Lab user group)

A number of of well known Portuguese research centres, active in the areas served by RBCog-Lab, have demonstrated interest in an active exploration of the RBCog-Lab as a research tool. This users group will be managed in a dynamic manner and new members will be accepted once the access to the infrastructure is fully operational. The national institutional network is currently comprised of


For the infrastructure webpage, including access conditions, please see the public link page of the

iCub Infrastructure

(linked from the host public web page Vislab)